Another Man’s Treasure

Another's TreasureThe signs are working.  The proof is in the trips to the thrift shoppe, the many bags put out for garbage collection and the car load ready to be delivered to its rightful owner(my daughter).

Today as I snapped my pics and performed Jakikiri Joka Ho on the items, I started to feel bad about dumping my stuff on someone else.  I began to wonder if I should just throw it all out???  Perhaps my stuff didn’t have any value to others???  Perhaps I had just attached too much value to these things that I no longer USED???  Perhaps my things never had any value???  Perhaps giving them to another was a burden instead of a gift???

Then I realized that I was being judgemental. I reminded myself that it wasn’t my place to judge EVER. I should not judge the value of an item to another. Afterall,  that would be judging them as well as the item. That would be unfair to all. So I finished up my Reiki, had my husband pack up the SUV and headed to the thrift shoppe one more time.

Funny thing….. as my husband was unloading the SUV, the man at the collection site said to my husband, “Boy you sure are giving away a lot of good stuff!”. So much for all my worrying.

Don’t be afraid to let go.  You may be holding on to another man’s treasure:-)

Jakikiri Joka Ho



So 89 days ago I set a deadline for myself.  I swore to myself that in 90 days I would go into my walk-in closet and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit or that I no longer wear. Seriously ruthlessly go in and not come out until everything was discarded. So for those of you that are doing the math that means TOMORROW! Holy heck! 90 days seemed a whole lot longer and I felt a whole lot bolder when I was making promises! Tonight I am plain terrified of my closet full of hopeful wishes and broken promises. Tomorrow is the day to find the courage to give up my delusions that I will ever be young and fit and let go of the fashion facade! Ugh! Arrrrgghhh!



I don’t think this EBay thing is worth the time and materials it takes to list and ship. Perhaps I should rethink my plans???


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I don’t photograph sunsets often.  It is not that I don’t like them.  I LOVE sunsets! It isn’t just the colorful beauty of them.  It is the calm that impresses me.  The winds slow, the water settles and the light softens. Sunsets are pure magic and they are free! So why wouldn’t I photograph all of them?

Perfection?  I live in a hilly environment.  The sunset is a non-event at my home. My house is on the north side of a hill. The view of the sun setting is blocked by the surrounding terrain. Does that make the sunset less beautiful?

Perfection? When I am on my boat.  I see many beautiful sunsets.  Still I don’t photograph them often because of the logistics.  The boat and water are always in motion.  The light is limited. The images become blurred by motion.  Using a tripod isn’t all that helpful because it stands on a boat also in motion. Does this make the sunset less beautiful?

Perfection?  Sunsets can be taken for granted.  After all, there will be another one tomorrow. Maybe the sunset tomorrow will be prettier? Maybe tomorrow I will have a better view?  Maybe tomorrow I will be on stable ground? Maybe tomorrow I will get the perfect image?  Maybe tomorrow never comes?

Maybe NOW is perfect? Maybe all of the imperfections I see today are just an illusion, my own distorted view of what is already perfect?

Here are a few handheld, blurry imperfect sunset images taken this weekend that represent the many I have ignored in the pursuit of perfection. What do you see?

Jakikiri Joka Ho

Holy Molars!

File drawer number one was a time capsule of the years 1982 through 1991.

From top to bottom I filtered through what you may agree are basic essential ‘must keep’ items. NOT!

  • Minimum Wage Poster circa 1982
  • Expense reports from the 80’s
  • Corporate manuals and procedure guides from the 80’s
  • Bank receipts and bill stubs from….you’ve got it…the 80’s
  • My daughter’s journal circa 1983
  • My daughter’s elementary school records
  • My daughter’s dance recital memorabilia
  • A cassette tape of my daughter reading stories at age 6 (BONUS FIND…I hope it isn’t dry rotted!)
  • A handmade paper Christmas ornament
  • Birthday cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Valentine’s Day cards

And moving into the nineties…

  • Earth Day paraphernalia…Going Green’s 20th
  • Christmas cards
  • More bank receipts and bill stubs

And under it all……

  • Two tiny little boxes of TEETH!  Grossed me out!!!

Now, out of all this stuff I am keeping ONE thing. I will keep the cassette tape of my little girl’s voice. AND, I will say prayers for the 18 people who sent me Christmas cards in 1990 that have passed away.

This is your moment.  Live in it…. not the eighties, or the nineties, or the two thousand twenties!

Jakikiri Joka Ho