Let Go

Let Go License Plate-1

Isn’t this license plate great?


Just An Old Tag

This old vehicle tag was hanging on a nail in the basement.  I probably picked it up at a yard sale with the intent of displaying it in a grouping with other old tin signage.  I never did.  So there it hung collecting dust.

My mother told me that for as long as she could remember cars had tags.  When I looked it up it turns out that tags came before automobiles!

In an effort to communicate, be orderly, track and control we name, label and tag everything! Our cars, our homes, our children, our dogs, our photos, our blog posts and OURSELVES are all labeled.  She is smart.  He is tall.





So I looked up the first label that I was given at Think Baby Names.

Eleanor \e-lea-nor\ as a girl’s name is pronounced EL-a-nor. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Eleanor is “sun ray, shining light“.

I love it.  I will keep it. I have acquired a few others that I do not love so much!

What are your labels?  Will you keep them?

Perhaps it is time to dust them off and set them free!

Jakikiri Joka Ho