Another Man’s Treasure

Another's TreasureThe signs are working.  The proof is in the trips to the thrift shoppe, the many bags put out for garbage collection and the car load ready to be delivered to its rightful owner(my daughter).

Today as I snapped my pics and performed Jakikiri Joka Ho on the items, I started to feel bad about dumping my stuff on someone else.  I began to wonder if I should just throw it all out???  Perhaps my stuff didn’t have any value to others???  Perhaps I had just attached too much value to these things that I no longer USED???  Perhaps my things never had any value???  Perhaps giving them to another was a burden instead of a gift???

Then I realized that I was being judgemental. I reminded myself that it wasn’t my place to judge EVER. I should not judge the value of an item to another. Afterall,  that would be judging them as well as the item. That would be unfair to all. So I finished up my Reiki, had my husband pack up the SUV and headed to the thrift shoppe one more time.

Funny thing….. as my husband was unloading the SUV, the man at the collection site said to my husband, “Boy you sure are giving away a lot of good stuff!”. So much for all my worrying.

Don’t be afraid to let go.  You may be holding on to another man’s treasure:-)

Jakikiri Joka Ho


Chock full o’Nuts

So I have been on a roll lately. I have been sorting, shredding and tossing like a mad woman. Feeling really good about my mission to de-clutter. In the groove, letting go without remorse,without ritual, I had evolved!

And then I came across this old can. A can meant to be used for painting projects and disposed. I headed to the recycle bin with it and an armful of others. I tossed all but this one old can in. Instead, I placed it on the kitchen counter. For three days I walked by the can wondering why I couldn’t toss it. Clearly the heavenly bit of tin was driving me Chock full o’Nuts!!!

Stifled I found no answer. However, I came to the conclusion that there isn’t any more importance to the attachment encumbering a family treasure than there is to an old tin can.  It just IS.

So, I photographed, performed Jakikiri Joka Ho and let go.

Jakikiri Joka Ho



Last night at Reiki we discussed Wabi-Sabi, the beauty in imperfection and  loving gentle wear.

I quite disliked our window air conditioner.  Despite repair work it never functioned properly. It loudly and frequently shut down its compressor with an annoying room shaking thump that got on my nerves.  It may have been less than an accident when it slipped from my hand as we removed it from our window LAST season, as in the last past not the recently past last season! Not to be forgotten, its sharp metal casing left its mark by slicing my hand in the plummet.  It has since remained in the yard taunting me with my own laziness and procrastination.  Everyday I would look out and feel sad that my yard looked so unloved, and it stared back at me in confirmation. So, there is no love lost today as I pay the upcharge to BFI to remove its toxic gas and tote it far, far away.  Why did I wait so long?

Lesson learned:  In my imperfection I see that the ‘not doing’ is sometimes more painful than the ‘doing’!  Perhaps the faint scar on my hand will serve as a loving reminder.

Jakikiri Joka Ho


Baby Step

It is total coincidence, but not inappropriate  that my very first THING to let go of is a baby block.

Go ahead and laugh. REALLY is it the snot and spittle that compelled me to hold on to it???


Before I sent it to the great landfill in the sky, I set it free! Jakikiri Joka Ho!

Can you see its new beginning?