Another Man’s Treasure

Another's TreasureThe signs are working.  The proof is in the trips to the thrift shoppe, the many bags put out for garbage collection and the car load ready to be delivered to its rightful owner(my daughter).

Today as I snapped my pics and performed Jakikiri Joka Ho on the items, I started to feel bad about dumping my stuff on someone else.  I began to wonder if I should just throw it all out???  Perhaps my stuff didn’t have any value to others???  Perhaps I had just attached too much value to these things that I no longer USED???  Perhaps my things never had any value???  Perhaps giving them to another was a burden instead of a gift???

Then I realized that I was being judgemental. I reminded myself that it wasn’t my place to judge EVER. I should not judge the value of an item to another. Afterall,  that would be judging them as well as the item. That would be unfair to all. So I finished up my Reiki, had my husband pack up the SUV and headed to the thrift shoppe one more time.

Funny thing….. as my husband was unloading the SUV, the man at the collection site said to my husband, “Boy you sure are giving away a lot of good stuff!”. So much for all my worrying.

Don’t be afraid to let go.  You may be holding on to another man’s treasure:-)

Jakikiri Joka Ho


Who does this?

Who habitually clutters up their countertops with mail, keys, phones and other CRAPola?  Who spends hours every couple of weeks clearing it all off and promising to keep it that way?  Who can’t even keep that promise until the sunsets?  ME that is who!!!

This time I cleared it off only to pile it up with shipping boxes in an effort to get rid of my junk! Ha!

Feeling hopeless, but grateful that I am healthy and have countertops full of junk to complain about.

Jakikiri Joka Ho




Some things just make my head hurt. For instance trying to calculate fuel consumption for my Hatteras. After doing some research and investigating the many different variables, I decided that without installing flow meters on each of the Detroit engines a guesstimate would have to do.

Without nitpicking hull speed, weight, RPMs, wind and tidal flow, lets say she gets about one gallon per mile at nine knots per hour. This is a best-case scenario.  I have heard horror stories of cruising full open burning 70 gallons per hour! Still with over a 1000-gallon fuel tank at a discounted rate of $4.79 per gallon an estimated fill up totals over $4799.00!!!

What does this have to do with getting rid of my stuff you ask? Well, they both make my head hurt!  Decisions, decisions! What goes, where does it go, and how does it get there?  Should I eat this year or fill up the fuel tanks?

Pondering these questions has forced me to learn about new options.  Happily I discovered that EBay has a program that allows you to donate a portion or all of your sales to your favorite charity.  They actually credit you back for a portion of your shipping and sales fees in proportion to your donation. Give 10 percent and get 10% rebate in fees.  Give 100% and get 100% rebate in fees! Pretty cool!

This prompted yet another decision.  With so many choices, which charity should I pick?  Staying true to my goal of moving aboard I decided that the Chesapeake Bay Foundation would be my choice.  They work for a better environment and for all the creatures living in it.

This gives me a little peace of mind that I can do a little to repay any damage that boating does to the bay.  Not that with the rising fuel cost I’ll be doing very much damage to the environment! I am sure at first I would be delighted with the weight loss, but things would soon turn ugly if I had to give up chocolate for an extended period of time.  No one wants to see that!  Grrrrrrrrr!!!

Jakikiri Joka Ho

Photographers note: There are four different textures applied to this image that I created during various shoots for Jakikiri Joka Ho.

Gulls and Goals

In the rush of getting this blog off to a start, I neglected to adequately explain my goal.  You see my husband and I have bought a boat for our retirement home.  My goal is to NOT have a storage unit full of things that are not suitable for life on a boat.

This means that no matter how much I love an item or how many emotional attachments I may have to an item, the item MUST GO if it is not useful to daily life on the water.  For instance as difficult as it is to let go of things like ‘Nancy’s Plates’, it is BEST to let them go NOW rather than deal with an untimely crash of china later!

I found this task daunting and nearly impossible to begin.  I would become frozen by ‘what if’ and ‘what used to be’ each time I attempted to ‘let go’ of anything!  So, I did nothing!

One day the light bulb turned on.  I had everything I needed to accomplish the task. My daily practices of Reiki and photography could be put to the test!  I would perform Jakikiri Joka Ho on each item cleansing it of my energy and recharging it for a new life.  I would then photograph the item to serve as a historical inventory and let it go.

Sure it sounded like the perfect solution.  Yet, I began the purge with uncertainty and doubt.  At first I felt some guilt and remorse.  Then quickly I realized that there is much more to the process than getting rid of things.  Each time I let go of an item, I am surprised at what surfaces. Future and past fears, doubts and regrets are quickly being replaced by the beauty and joyfulness of today! Who would have guessed?

Jakikiri Joka Ho

Photographers Note:  This image was taken from the bow of my boat.  I applied two different textures that I created while purging, one texture from the baby blocks and one from the kitchen cabinet.

Holy Molars!

File drawer number one was a time capsule of the years 1982 through 1991.

From top to bottom I filtered through what you may agree are basic essential ‘must keep’ items. NOT!

  • Minimum Wage Poster circa 1982
  • Expense reports from the 80’s
  • Corporate manuals and procedure guides from the 80’s
  • Bank receipts and bill stubs from….you’ve got it…the 80’s
  • My daughter’s journal circa 1983
  • My daughter’s elementary school records
  • My daughter’s dance recital memorabilia
  • A cassette tape of my daughter reading stories at age 6 (BONUS FIND…I hope it isn’t dry rotted!)
  • A handmade paper Christmas ornament
  • Birthday cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Valentine’s Day cards

And moving into the nineties…

  • Earth Day paraphernalia…Going Green’s 20th
  • Christmas cards
  • More bank receipts and bill stubs

And under it all……

  • Two tiny little boxes of TEETH!  Grossed me out!!!

Now, out of all this stuff I am keeping ONE thing. I will keep the cassette tape of my little girl’s voice. AND, I will say prayers for the 18 people who sent me Christmas cards in 1990 that have passed away.

This is your moment.  Live in it…. not the eighties, or the nineties, or the two thousand twenties!

Jakikiri Joka Ho


I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet. You know the one full of plastic containers and lids.  It was so stuffed that I could rarely open it without something falling out, and sometimes the door just wouldn’t close completely.

I am not proud.  However, it is the truth.

When I was finished sorting though it all, I had an entire kitchen garbage bag full of mismatched lids and containers to discard, a Rubbermaid bin full of things to give away, and a neatly organized cabinet FULL of useful items.

So it seems that you can let go of the broken and useless, share the good with others, and still have more than you could ever need.

Jakikiri Joka Ho