Another Man’s Treasure

Another's TreasureThe signs are working.  The proof is in the trips to the thrift shoppe, the many bags put out for garbage collection and the car load ready to be delivered to its rightful owner(my daughter).

Today as I snapped my pics and performed Jakikiri Joka Ho on the items, I started to feel bad about dumping my stuff on someone else.  I began to wonder if I should just throw it all out???  Perhaps my stuff didn’t have any value to others???  Perhaps I had just attached too much value to these things that I no longer USED???  Perhaps my things never had any value???  Perhaps giving them to another was a burden instead of a gift???

Then I realized that I was being judgemental. I reminded myself that it wasn’t my place to judge EVER. I should not judge the value of an item to another. Afterall,  that would be judging them as well as the item. That would be unfair to all. So I finished up my Reiki, had my husband pack up the SUV and headed to the thrift shoppe one more time.

Funny thing….. as my husband was unloading the SUV, the man at the collection site said to my husband, “Boy you sure are giving away a lot of good stuff!”. So much for all my worrying.

Don’t be afraid to let go.  You may be holding on to another man’s treasure:-)

Jakikiri Joka Ho



I have shelves in the basement which began their days proudly organizing packaged dry goods, seldom used housewares and cleaning supplies.
Like the rest of my home,they have eventually evolved into disheveled towers of clutter.

Today I went down looking for a stainless steel scrubby and found raisins with expiration dates of 2004 and 2008!!!

I can’t count the number of times I have bought raisins. True I prefer organic raisins these days, but that is no excuse for overlooking the over abundance of food that I already possessed.

So, I snapped this pic with my iPhone to remind me to look into my basement before I go in search of something better. Chances are I already have what I need.

PS: Not to worry about wasting the expired raisins. The birds are enjoying them:-)


Who does this?

Who habitually clutters up their countertops with mail, keys, phones and other CRAPola?  Who spends hours every couple of weeks clearing it all off and promising to keep it that way?  Who can’t even keep that promise until the sunsets?  ME that is who!!!

This time I cleared it off only to pile it up with shipping boxes in an effort to get rid of my junk! Ha!

Feeling hopeless, but grateful that I am healthy and have countertops full of junk to complain about.

Jakikiri Joka Ho