Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters Pickup

Big Brothers Big Sisters Pickup

Again, I am guilty of slacking in the blog writing department. Sometimes it is easier to just get things done and move on.

I look back to when I first started this blog and how difficult it was for me to let go of anything! Back then I thought I would honor each trinket with a photo, perform Reiki on each object and send it off to what I determined to be the best use for the object.  Back then I knew there was no other way for me to let go.  I needed the rituals to form a new habit, become comfortable with the emotional process and forge change.  Without the rituals I would have failed miserably.

Once I began to feel less resistance letting go, I realized that the individualized ritual was cumbersome and slowed my progress. So, I adapted the ritual to photographing and performing Jakikiri Joka Ho on multiple items at once. Things moved along quicker and with surprisingly even less resistance.

Now, I have managed to let go of many possessions. Yet, I am not close to having an empty house. At this stage I feel driven to let go of things.  I keep boxes at the ready. I walk around the house and take things off the wall at random, place them in boxes and actively look for the next thing to add to the box. When the box is full I perform Jakikiri Joka Ho, snap a photo or not, and take it to the thrift store.

This week Big Brothers and Big Sisters called asking for donations. They said they would be grateful for even one or two small items. I started filling boxes. I had no plan.  I just looked for anything that I could let go of in that moment. Letting go on demand! I filled 2 boxes with clothing, 1 box with housewares, 2 boxes with books and 1 box with wall decor. I performed Jakikiri Joka Ho on all 6 boxes at once, took 1 photo…. DONE with even less resistance, no remorse  and bit of delight!

I still have too much stuff, but the letting go is getting easier:-)

Jakikiri Joka Ho


Pants Past

One ‘I used to look sexy in this shirt’ and seven pairs of pants ranging from size 6 to size ‘OMG I can’t believe I am fatter than that’ is what I photographed yesterday afternoon.  Boring stuff!  The photographs were blech.  The Reiki was uneventful, so it seemed.

What could I possibly write about?  One question remained unanswered.  Why had I held on for so very long to pants of various sizes that didn’t fit?  I obviously live in a world of possibility, and it is certainly possible that I could lose weight and wear them once again. It is also possible that pigs will fly!

Then I realized why I kept the pants wasn’t as important as the effect keeping them had on me.

“Just for today, do not anger” is one of the Reiki precepts that I try to incorporate into my daily life.  My pants violated this precept. My pants made me angry. Angry that I was not what I used to be, angry that I was getting old, angry that I can’t muster the discipline to eat less, angry at my irradiated thyroid and angry at my herniated vertebrae.

Boy oh boy, I really had no idea that my pants of the past caused me to anger.  I thought that they were an incentive, a positive to goal towards!

I see now that living in past pants stops me from enjoying today’s happy dance.

Jakikiri Joka Ho