Worry is insidious.

Do not let worry rob your joy.

Just for today DO NOT WORRY.

Jakikiri Joka Ho


As Promised


As promised, today I went back to the Family Thrift Shoppe with the Nordic Track, linens, housewares, TVs, a couple bags of clothing, a rug and a framed print. The man at the dock happily accepted my offering. Which is important to me because I don’t want to dump on someone else!

There were NO parking places at the thrift shoppe. I was taken aback by how many people were coming and going happily toting their purchases. There is a NEED out there.

It makes me feel good knowing that my stuff is in a better place. That puts me in a better place too!

Jakikiri Joka Ho


Choices, choices, choices!…..eBay, Craig’s List, Donation Dumpsters, Purple Heart, Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Vets, Good Will….The options to unload are bountiful. I researched on the internet who took what, when and where. It is overwhelming!  The truth is it doesn’t matter to who or where the stuff ends up.  It just has to GO without expectation or attachment, and the sooner it departs the better.

So today I called the closest place to my home, Family Thrift Shoppes. I talked to the sweetest woman with sore old feet just like me.  She too has stuff that she just doesn’t use anymore.  She too wonders why the heck she ever bought stuff in the first place.  She too had out lived her exercise equipment.  She made me feel good about letting go of my stuff.  She said they sell stuff so cheap that someone would buy it. She said they take everything but large appliances and ratty upholstered furniture! So I packed up the Yukon and dropped my first load off.  Easy!

Next trip….the Nordic Track Skier.


Chock full o’Nuts

So I have been on a roll lately. I have been sorting, shredding and tossing like a mad woman. Feeling really good about my mission to de-clutter. In the groove, letting go without remorse,without ritual, I had evolved!

And then I came across this old can. A can meant to be used for painting projects and disposed. I headed to the recycle bin with it and an armful of others. I tossed all but this one old can in. Instead, I placed it on the kitchen counter. For three days I walked by the can wondering why I couldn’t toss it. Clearly the heavenly bit of tin was driving me Chock full o’Nuts!!!

Stifled I found no answer. However, I came to the conclusion that there isn’t any more importance to the attachment encumbering a family treasure than there is to an old tin can.  It just IS.

So, I photographed, performed Jakikiri Joka Ho and let go.

Jakikiri Joka Ho



I feel obligated to say something about my progress lest everyone think that I have given up. I haven’t.

I had three Jakikiri Joka Ho pieces printed for a show at the Allentown Artworks. Paula Michal-Johnson of Classical Reiki Pennsylvania gratefully joined me for the opening leading a clearing of the space and Reiki meditation. It was wonderful to see a positive result from my efforts take form.

I have continued to photograph and perform Jakikiri Joka Ho on many things that I have since let go. Some things were mine and some things belonged to others. I have begun to understand that I sometimes I carry around other people’s stuff until I think it is my own.

Lately though I have begun to just toss things without the ritual. The other day I worked up a feverish sweat hunting and flinging random items from the basement into the trash. I spent another full day shredding more paperwork. I just let everything go without attachment, without judgement, without expectation, without regret.

In moments like that I catch a glimpse of clarity. I feel the practice become fluid. I believe.

Jakikiri Joka Ho