My husband and I spent this holiday weekend tearing up the basement. I thought I would be through with my Jakikiri Joka Ho project by now. Things seemed easier to accomplish during the thought process. The physical materialization or dematerialization in this case is taking MUCH longer. I have to constantly remind myself of what I have already accomplished. I have even asked my husband to remind me that I really have made great strides towards my goal. It is so easy to see what I have not accomplished, get overwhelmed and fall back into the habit of holding on to EVERYTHING physical and spiritual. I need help. I need tools. I need to continually practice to move forward. I have scribbled a couple of the above signs and posted them around the house in those places that I would be likely to quickly stash something that I really should let go. A little physical manifestation to help guide me to the lighter side of life.

Jakikiri Joka Ho



I don’t think this EBay thing is worth the time and materials it takes to list and ship. Perhaps I should rethink my plans???

Who does this?

Who habitually clutters up their countertops with mail, keys, phones and other CRAPola?  Who spends hours every couple of weeks clearing it all off and promising to keep it that way?  Who can’t even keep that promise until the sunsets?  ME that is who!!!

This time I cleared it off only to pile it up with shipping boxes in an effort to get rid of my junk! Ha!

Feeling hopeless, but grateful that I am healthy and have countertops full of junk to complain about.

Jakikiri Joka Ho




Some things just make my head hurt. For instance trying to calculate fuel consumption for my Hatteras. After doing some research and investigating the many different variables, I decided that without installing flow meters on each of the Detroit engines a guesstimate would have to do.

Without nitpicking hull speed, weight, RPMs, wind and tidal flow, lets say she gets about one gallon per mile at nine knots per hour. This is a best-case scenario.  I have heard horror stories of cruising full open burning 70 gallons per hour! Still with over a 1000-gallon fuel tank at a discounted rate of $4.79 per gallon an estimated fill up totals over $4799.00!!!

What does this have to do with getting rid of my stuff you ask? Well, they both make my head hurt!  Decisions, decisions! What goes, where does it go, and how does it get there?  Should I eat this year or fill up the fuel tanks?

Pondering these questions has forced me to learn about new options.  Happily I discovered that EBay has a program that allows you to donate a portion or all of your sales to your favorite charity.  They actually credit you back for a portion of your shipping and sales fees in proportion to your donation. Give 10 percent and get 10% rebate in fees.  Give 100% and get 100% rebate in fees! Pretty cool!

This prompted yet another decision.  With so many choices, which charity should I pick?  Staying true to my goal of moving aboard I decided that the Chesapeake Bay Foundation would be my choice.  They work for a better environment and for all the creatures living in it.

This gives me a little peace of mind that I can do a little to repay any damage that boating does to the bay.  Not that with the rising fuel cost I’ll be doing very much damage to the environment! I am sure at first I would be delighted with the weight loss, but things would soon turn ugly if I had to give up chocolate for an extended period of time.  No one wants to see that!  Grrrrrrrrr!!!

Jakikiri Joka Ho

Photographers note: There are four different textures applied to this image that I created during various shoots for Jakikiri Joka Ho.

Just An Old Tag

This old vehicle tag was hanging on a nail in the basement.  I probably picked it up at a yard sale with the intent of displaying it in a grouping with other old tin signage.  I never did.  So there it hung collecting dust.

My mother told me that for as long as she could remember cars had tags.  When I looked it up it turns out that tags came before automobiles!

In an effort to communicate, be orderly, track and control we name, label and tag everything! Our cars, our homes, our children, our dogs, our photos, our blog posts and OURSELVES are all labeled.  She is smart.  He is tall.



So I looked up the first label that I was given at Think Baby Names.

Eleanor \e-lea-nor\ as a girl’s name is pronounced EL-a-nor. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Eleanor is “sun ray, shining light“.

I love it.  I will keep it. I have acquired a few others that I do not love so much!

What are your labels?  Will you keep them?

Perhaps it is time to dust them off and set them free!

Jakikiri Joka Ho