Time Is Up!

Well that was easy…..
This was not!!!

Last night I didn’t know how I would be able to keep my promise and meet my 90 day deadline. I was afraid I would be overcome once I entered the closet and accomplish nothing. As usually when I try to lighten up, I can only let go of a portion of items before I become frustrated and exhausted. So, I decided to meditate on the precept “Just for today Do Not Worry”. Suddenly while meditating I received my answer…..Instead of going through the closet piece by piece, just clear it out in one clean swoop….put everything on the bed….and if I wanted to sleep at all tonight, I would HAVE TO let it go!!!!
So, I did! It is done!! Happy dance:-)))



So 89 days ago I set a deadline for myself.  I swore to myself that in 90 days I would go into my walk-in closet and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit or that I no longer wear. Seriously ruthlessly go in and not come out until everything was discarded. So for those of you that are doing the math that means TOMORROW! Holy heck! 90 days seemed a whole lot longer and I felt a whole lot bolder when I was making promises! Tonight I am plain terrified of my closet full of hopeful wishes and broken promises. Tomorrow is the day to find the courage to give up my delusions that I will ever be young and fit and let go of the fashion facade! Ugh! Arrrrgghhh!