Chock full o’Nuts

So I have been on a roll lately. I have been sorting, shredding and tossing like a mad woman. Feeling really good about my mission to de-clutter. In the groove, letting go without remorse,without ritual, I had evolved!

And then I came across this old can. A can meant to be used for painting projects and disposed. I headed to the recycle bin with it and an armful of others. I tossed all but this one old can in. Instead, I placed it on the kitchen counter. For three days I walked by the can wondering why I couldn’t toss it. Clearly the heavenly bit of tin was driving me Chock full o’Nuts!!!

Stifled I found no answer. However, I came to the conclusion that there isn’t any more importance to the attachment encumbering a family treasure than there is to an old tin can.  It just IS.

So, I photographed, performed Jakikiri Joka Ho and let go.

Jakikiri Joka Ho




I feel obligated to say something about my progress lest everyone think that I have given up. I haven’t.

I had three Jakikiri Joka Ho pieces printed for a show at the Allentown Artworks. Paula Michal-Johnson of Classical Reiki Pennsylvania gratefully joined me for the opening leading a clearing of the space and Reiki meditation. It was wonderful to see a positive result from my efforts take form.

I have continued to photograph and perform Jakikiri Joka Ho on many things that I have since let go. Some things were mine and some things belonged to others. I have begun to understand that I sometimes I carry around other people’s stuff until I think it is my own.

Lately though I have begun to just toss things without the ritual. The other day I worked up a feverish sweat hunting and flinging random items from the basement into the trash. I spent another full day shredding more paperwork. I just let everything go without attachment, without judgement, without expectation, without regret.

In moments like that I catch a glimpse of clarity. I feel the practice become fluid. I believe.

Jakikiri Joka Ho