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I don’t photograph sunsets often.  It is not that I don’t like them.  I LOVE sunsets! It isn’t just the colorful beauty of them.  It is the calm that impresses me.  The winds slow, the water settles and the light softens. Sunsets are pure magic and they are free! So why wouldn’t I photograph all of them?

Perfection?  I live in a hilly environment.  The sunset is a non-event at my home. My house is on the north side of a hill. The view of the sun setting is blocked by the surrounding terrain. Does that make the sunset less beautiful?

Perfection? When I am on my boat.  I see many beautiful sunsets.  Still I don’t photograph them often because of the logistics.  The boat and water are always in motion.  The light is limited. The images become blurred by motion.  Using a tripod isn’t all that helpful because it stands on a boat also in motion. Does this make the sunset less beautiful?

Perfection?  Sunsets can be taken for granted.  After all, there will be another one tomorrow. Maybe the sunset tomorrow will be prettier? Maybe tomorrow I will have a better view?  Maybe tomorrow I will be on stable ground? Maybe tomorrow I will get the perfect image?  Maybe tomorrow never comes?

Maybe NOW is perfect? Maybe all of the imperfections I see today are just an illusion, my own distorted view of what is already perfect?

Here are a few handheld, blurry imperfect sunset images taken this weekend that represent the many I have ignored in the pursuit of perfection. What do you see?

Jakikiri Joka Ho


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