Gulls and Goals

In the rush of getting this blog off to a start, I neglected to adequately explain my goal.  You see my husband and I have bought a boat for our retirement home.  My goal is to NOT have a storage unit full of things that are not suitable for life on a boat.

This means that no matter how much I love an item or how many emotional attachments I may have to an item, the item MUST GO if it is not useful to daily life on the water.  For instance as difficult as it is to let go of things like ‘Nancy’s Plates’, it is BEST to let them go NOW rather than deal with an untimely crash of china later!

I found this task daunting and nearly impossible to begin.  I would become frozen by ‘what if’ and ‘what used to be’ each time I attempted to ‘let go’ of anything!  So, I did nothing!

One day the light bulb turned on.  I had everything I needed to accomplish the task. My daily practices of Reiki and photography could be put to the test!  I would perform Jakikiri Joka Ho on each item cleansing it of my energy and recharging it for a new life.  I would then photograph the item to serve as a historical inventory and let it go.

Sure it sounded like the perfect solution.  Yet, I began the purge with uncertainty and doubt.  At first I felt some guilt and remorse.  Then quickly I realized that there is much more to the process than getting rid of things.  Each time I let go of an item, I am surprised at what surfaces. Future and past fears, doubts and regrets are quickly being replaced by the beauty and joyfulness of today! Who would have guessed?

Jakikiri Joka Ho

Photographers Note:  This image was taken from the bow of my boat.  I applied two different textures that I created while purging, one texture from the baby blocks and one from the kitchen cabinet.