Shred Fest Day 3

Monday  I completed my “nineties” shred fest.

Reliving those years as I shredded, I could see the leaps and bounds that technology made changing our lives forever. Computers, cell phones and the internet became commonplace.

What sprang to mind most of all, however, was a prior memory of being a small child. I would sit with my Mom on her bed and ask her about the year 2000.  I would name everyone I knew and ask “Will they be alive in the year 2000?”.  She would assure me that they would. I would smile with a sense of relief and happiness.

Staring out at the huge pile of bags waiting to be hauled away.  I realized that my hierarchy of importance as a little girl remained the same today All of the technology, material gain, worries and triumphs of the “nineties” seemed insignificant.  Paramount in my mind was November 15, 1999, the day my father passed away.

Jakikiri Joka Ho


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