Things That Bind

We are born into this world unencumbered.  Naked and wide eyed we begin our journey.  Along the way we learn the rules and change ourselves to fit the mold of mediocrity. We are bound by what is right, the norm, the predictable.

As I glanced over two more years of business records, I noted the many staples, clips, rubber bands, folders, binders, envelopes, bins and forms used for organization. The records were very orderly and tightly packed away.  I learned well.  I followed the rules. I did what was expected.  Two years compressed into two bins. My mother, my teachers, my accountant would be proud.

Today I opened, unclipped, disbanded and shredded the contents of the bins. I noticed that without all of the binding the volume of the bins doubled!

What if we could remain unencumbered through life?  What would our volume be?

Be honest in your work.  Perhaps you may get a glimpse of your true self.

Jakikiri Joka Ho


2 thoughts on “Things That Bind

  1. Hi there Jakikri! I just hopped over from 96arly! I jsat love this blog it must have been so satisfying to release all this compressed work and fling it far away like releasing yourself I just love it!


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