Holy Molars!

File drawer number one was a time capsule of the years 1982 through 1991.

From top to bottom I filtered through what you may agree are basic essential ‘must keep’ items. NOT!

  • Minimum Wage Poster circa 1982
  • Expense reports from the 80’s
  • Corporate manuals and procedure guides from the 80’s
  • Bank receipts and bill stubs from….you’ve got it…the 80’s
  • My daughter’s journal circa 1983
  • My daughter’s elementary school records
  • My daughter’s dance recital memorabilia
  • A cassette tape of my daughter reading stories at age 6 (BONUS FIND…I hope it isn’t dry rotted!)
  • A handmade paper Christmas ornament
  • Birthday cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Valentine’s Day cards

And moving into the nineties…

  • Earth Day paraphernalia…Going Green’s 20th
  • Christmas cards
  • More bank receipts and bill stubs

And under it all……

  • Two tiny little boxes of TEETH!  Grossed me out!!!

Now, out of all this stuff I am keeping ONE thing. I will keep the cassette tape of my little girl’s voice. AND, I will say prayers for the 18 people who sent me Christmas cards in 1990 that have passed away.

This is your moment.  Live in it…. not the eighties, or the nineties, or the two thousand twenties!

Jakikiri Joka Ho



I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet. You know the one full of plastic containers and lids.  It was so stuffed that I could rarely open it without something falling out, and sometimes the door just wouldn’t close completely.

I am not proud.  However, it is the truth.

When I was finished sorting though it all, I had an entire kitchen garbage bag full of mismatched lids and containers to discard, a Rubbermaid bin full of things to give away, and a neatly organized cabinet FULL of useful items.

So it seems that you can let go of the broken and useless, share the good with others, and still have more than you could ever need.

Jakikiri Joka Ho

Just An Old Tag

This old vehicle tag was hanging on a nail in the basement.  I probably picked it up at a yard sale with the intent of displaying it in a grouping with other old tin signage.  I never did.  So there it hung collecting dust.

My mother told me that for as long as she could remember cars had tags.  When I looked it up it turns out that tags came before automobiles!

In an effort to communicate, be orderly, track and control we name, label and tag everything! Our cars, our homes, our children, our dogs, our photos, our blog posts and OURSELVES are all labeled.  She is smart.  He is tall.





So I looked up the first label that I was given at Think Baby Names.

Eleanor \e-lea-nor\ as a girl’s name is pronounced EL-a-nor. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Eleanor is “sun ray, shining light“.

I love it.  I will keep it. I have acquired a few others that I do not love so much!

What are your labels?  Will you keep them?

Perhaps it is time to dust them off and set them free!

Jakikiri Joka Ho

Shred Fest Day 3

Monday  I completed my “nineties” shred fest.

Reliving those years as I shredded, I could see the leaps and bounds that technology made changing our lives forever. Computers, cell phones and the internet became commonplace.

What sprang to mind most of all, however, was a prior memory of being a small child. I would sit with my Mom on her bed and ask her about the year 2000.  I would name everyone I knew and ask “Will they be alive in the year 2000?”.  She would assure me that they would. I would smile with a sense of relief and happiness.

Staring out at the huge pile of bags waiting to be hauled away.  I realized that my hierarchy of importance as a little girl remained the same today All of the technology, material gain, worries and triumphs of the “nineties” seemed insignificant.  Paramount in my mind was November 15, 1999, the day my father passed away.

Jakikiri Joka Ho

Things That Bind

We are born into this world unencumbered.  Naked and wide eyed we begin our journey.  Along the way we learn the rules and change ourselves to fit the mold of mediocrity. We are bound by what is right, the norm, the predictable.

As I glanced over two more years of business records, I noted the many staples, clips, rubber bands, folders, binders, envelopes, bins and forms used for organization. The records were very orderly and tightly packed away.  I learned well.  I followed the rules. I did what was expected.  Two years compressed into two bins. My mother, my teachers, my accountant would be proud.

Today I opened, unclipped, disbanded and shredded the contents of the bins. I noticed that without all of the binding the volume of the bins doubled!

What if we could remain unencumbered through life?  What would our volume be?

Be honest in your work.  Perhaps you may get a glimpse of your true self.

Jakikiri Joka Ho


I tend to over schedule things.  I really have no sense of time. I believe I can do it all and have time left over. When I inevitably fail, I berate myself.

My list for today above and beyond the normal cooking and household chores:

1,  Prepare a new recipe for gluten free/ sugar free brownies.

2.  Photograph, Reiki and shred 10 years of old business records.

3.  Set up an eBay account.

4.  Photograph, Reiki and list one item.

It seemed doable to me.  I thought I would have time left to take my mother to the drug store.

After 6 long hours of sorting through papers with bloody staple stabbed fingers, aching back and my mother assisting at the overheated paper jammed shredder, four years worth of records are gone. Nothing else on the list was touched. Big surprise that there was no time left for clowning around!

The above image was created from today’s shred fest.

I am grateful for what I accomplished today, and I will not worry over what I didn’t do.

Jakikiri Joka Ho