When my daughter and her family moved in with us for 18 months, I was delighted.  She had just given birth to my beautiful granddaughter and I cried to think that she lived too far away for me to revel in grandmother-hood! So we rearranged our home and opened our hearts to a love that cannot be expressed in words. For 18 months we tripped over each other’s stuff, and I loved every minute!

So why now that they have been gone for over 15 months, am I still tripping???  To some extent I attach emotion to things.  Maybe if I get rid of their things, I am discarding them? Maybe I was left too exhausted to physically deal with the process? Or, maybe with their belongings out of the way I will have to deal with mine!

Two bins of baby clothes “returned to sender”.  Jakikiri Joka Ho


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