Jakikiri Joka Ho

Jakikiri Joka Ho = “A method for energetically cleansing and enhancing inanimate objects.” as defined by the International House of Reiki.




I felt a tinge of remorse as I listened to the blue block jingling in the trash bag.  It was as if it was calling out to me, “How could you?”.

Jakikiri Joka Ho!

Baby Step

It is total coincidence, but not inappropriate  that my very first THING to let go of is a baby block.

Go ahead and laugh. REALLY is it the snot and spittle that compelled me to hold on to it???


Before I sent it to the great landfill in the sky, I set it free! Jakikiri Joka Ho!

Can you see its new beginning?

One Small Step

I have suddenly found myself at the unsettling age of 55 PLUS! I am surrounded by THINGS accumulated over the years. Some are mine, and some have been cleverly planted in my home by others. Their time has come. YET they remain fixed around me. Magnets pulling me into a space of cluttered mind, indecision and chaos.

Today I have taken the first step to freedom of self by beginning this blog, Jakikiri Joka Ho. A new beginning for me and all the THINGS I am about to set free.